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Ghostcart - Transparent e-commerce!
Ghostcart is a Hosted PHP shopping cart and e-commerce platform that you can embed in your website or link to on our servers for powerful, transparent e-commerce. E-commerce, transparency refers to the ease with which your customers can find two things – the products they want, and where to pay for them. 

Our revolutionary template system allows you to easily incorporate the look and feel of virtually any website!  Every aspect of Ghostcart is designed to maximize transparency and, ultimately, conversions!

You can build a ghostcart store in under 5 minutes. Try it and see!

In under 5 Minutes you can create:
::An Online Store
::An Online Donations Portal
::Recurring Payments / Subscriptions
Free hosted PHP shopping cart solution

GhostCart Barcoded Ticketing System

Managing an event? Now you can sell unique, barcoded tickets online with the GhostCart online ticketing system. For more information email

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First check out what the public sees online...

:: Shopping Cart
:: Donations Collection Form

...then explore Ghostcart's powerful admin suite:
Log on with the following (top of this page)
Demo Username: demostore
Demo Password: Demo100

Tutorial - How to Deploy Ghostcart

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: Configure your store in the control panel

Step 3: Publish your store using one of the following two options:

Option 1: Link to it - create a template that matches your site in the control panel and then point your site here:
where store_name = Your Store

Option 2: Embed it in your site by cutting and pasting this code where you want your shopping cart to appear

That was easy - Now you are selling online!

How to get your products online and start selling - process comparisons between a traditional process and Ghostcart:

Traditional Process
1. Choose an e-commerce package
2. Obtain a server account
or configure a server 
3. Obtain a security certificate
4. Upload package to server
5. Configure or hire developer to configure
6. Obtain a merchant account
or link cart to an existing one
7. Choose a compatable gateway  & create an account
8. Configure gateway
9, Test
Ghostcart process
1. Sign up
2. Configure cart / add product
3. Sign merchant account app
4. Link to your site or embed in your site

It is plain to see that deploying a Ghostcart e-commerce solution will save huge amounts of time. It's also less expensive:

Cost Comparison


Feature list:

  • Easy template creation and modification using regular HTML. Virtually any look / feel can be created or duplicated
  • Template Library for unlimited look / feel changes
  • Powerful Custom Reporting and Export capabilities
  • Separate cart, donations and online bill-pay areas
  • Recurring Billing / Subscription Service - definable by product
  • Custom product layouts and CSS style integration
  • Embed Ghostcart on your website or link to our secure servers
  • Multi-site deployment of your online store - put your shopping cart on all your sites
  • Batch Upload Products and Customers
  • Inventory control
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Product Categories
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Tax Calculator
  • Product-specific sub-stores & buy-now buttons for integration on other sites or email distribution
  • Coupon Code manager
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Custom Product Attributes
  • Product / template image archive
  • Custom receipts and administrative notification emails
  • Comprehensive, Real-time Reporting with full gateway access
  • Write custom PHP events following a transaction
  • Forward to external URL with variables following transaction
  • Pre-integrated, full featured merchant account - use it to process credit cards from anywhere

Initially you will enjoy how easy it is to start selling products online.  Opening a store, adding your first product and setting your preferences can be done in under 5 minutes.  From there, our open-source dashboard lets let you take ownership of the store by cutting and pasting your templates, store layouts and emails. A true developer's platform Ghostcart even lets administrators load PHP and CSS for formatting, tax, shipping and post transaction events.

As you are building our your online store, we handle two of biggest hassles in e-commerce that very few shopping cart software companies like to
talk about:

  • Establishing a merchant account that allows you to accept credit cards and have the money deposited directly into your bank account.
  • Establishing a gateway account that facilitates communication between your shopping cart and your merchant account. Think of a gateway as a virtual credit card machine. 

The beauty of the Ghostcart e-commerce platform is that the merchant account, gateway and shopping cart are all pre-integrated.  No configuration is required on your end.  One might think that all this convenience will end up breaking the bank.  Not so with Ghostcart!

Not accepting new merchants at this time.




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